Take the growing pains out of scaling your startup.

What can Edify do for you?

Edify is a learning strategy firm that removes the employee development challenges from scaling your startup.


Onboarding that scales with you and cuts time to productivity in half.


Technical managers who aren’t just technical: Invest in helping managers be better people leaders.


Remove barriers to getting ramped up by untangling your knowledge management ecosystem.

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Onboarding for startups

MVP Onboarding For The 97% of Startups Who Have None

Being a small, rapidly changing startup with no time to do onboarding doesn’t have to mean your employees don’t get onboarded at all.
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The cost of not onboarding new hires

The Cost of (Not) Onboarding Your New Hire

I calculated for a client once that it cost them about $350,000 to replace a junior engineer if she left at 12 months. How much is turnover costing you?
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Onboarding is unboxing

Onboarding is Unboxing

86 percent of them felt that new employees make the choice to stay within their first six months. So what to do about that? Let’s turn to product unboxing for some answers.
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Our Clients

These are the companies we have worked with.
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"Kristen has changed the way I think not only about employee onboarding, but about building a company. I'm more mindful about creating a healthy culture where everyone grows and thrives, and co-creating that plan with our team. Companies can't succeed without strong, capable, empowered, successful teams. And successful teams cannot be built without a champion there to create that path to success. Kristen is that champion."


"Kristen developed an amazing onboarding program for us in a time of intense change, led initiatives for learning & development in every department, and architected a knowledge management system that informed how delivered key information to employees."


"You are patient, you ask a lot of the right questions and intuitive. Most of the nuances of our team, I didn't have to explain to you. You quickly caught on and understood how our teams work together." - company_name: "Zapproved"

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